Universities annually issue INVITATION TO STUDY starting from January to November. The admissions to Universities are open from January till September. Company Global Education Services provides INVITATION TO STUDY primarily for the students who apply through us earlier and book their seats at chosen/recommended Universities. Generally it takes around 7 working days to issue an INVITATION TO STUDY letter from a chosen/recommended University.
The admission process starts with the personal student application and admission confirmation. So you must be sure that you actually want and afford studying abroad, therefore three major factors must be thoroughly considered:
1. Although studying in Ukraine and the Russian Federation is much more affordable than other Western European countries, you must be aware of regular financing during you studies. Do not rely on supporting yourself with job prospects for students. It is not yet available in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, at least not for now. Apart from your tuition and hostel fees, living expenditures in Ukraine and the Russian Federation is comparably low. An average of $100-150 per month would be enough.
2. Clarify the entry requirements for the course you intend to join either with your agent, or directly with the university. This is a matter of importance, as it shows the way for you to become qualified to receive admission for the chosen course. See also the section on general requirements to study in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
3. Student visa is one issue of legal purpose for the international student to come to study to China, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. So the applicant should primarily make sure of the validity of passport, (min 2 years validity). The applicant should check directly with the Embassy of Ukraine or the Russian Federation in his native country about the documents required to apply for visa*.
* In case of eligibility and admission confirmed the university will issue INVITATION TO STUDY which is the prime document for admission to be submitted in original for student visa at the embassy.