Jalalabad state medical university

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2nd floor, Opp. civil Hospital,Kalra Colony, New Sohna Road.

Jalal-Abad State University was founded in 1993 and is a public institution. Jalal-Abad State University (JASU) is the state higher educational institute and has great experience, traditions of preparing highly qualified specialists in the area of: philology education, natural studies, medicine, electronics, electric power production, andin the fields of industry, agriculture, information technology, industry,agriculture and others.

Currently 13000 students study at JASU, more than 700 teachers work, incl. 15 doctors of science and professors, and 116 candidates of science and docents. Producing specialists with high education in the following 54 fields and with secondary professional education in 12 fields. The Faculty of Medicine offers professional education, and the opportunity to study medicine under the guidance of knowledgeable professors from universities from Kyrgyz Republic and abroad. Studentsof the “Medicine” program, will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Eurasia and the rest of the world.

Due to its competitive education and liberal costs of study JaSU Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among international students. It offers a full professional education programme, so that upon the completion of studies, graduates can successfully continue their education in the selected speciality’s residency programme or medicine field’s Masters programme in Kyrgyz Republic or in another country of the world.

Jalalabad City                      

Jalalabad is the capital of Jalalabad state of Kyrgyzstan and is located south of Kugart valley and in the foothills of Babash Ata mountain in it's north. It is located 80 kms. from Osh city if travelling by road. Jalalabad has once remained a place for great archeological interest in the past but today it's very lesser known remains are left. Some part of the very well known "Silk Road" also passes through Jalalabad city. Jalalabad is very well known for it's spas. The most famous among them is the "Hozret-Ayub-Paigambar" spa and it was believed that the water from this spa treated lepers. Another interesting spot in the city is cafe "Ikram Ajy" which is located at a height of 1,000 meters and the whole city of Jalalabad is visible from this place.


Jalalabad State University has several faculties which are as follows : Medicine, Nursing, Pedagogy, Psychology, Ecology, Engineering, Mechanics, Biology, Literature, etc. Among all these faculties, medical faculty receives the most number of applicants each year from several countries. Each year medical faculty attracts most number of students from abroad as compared to other faculties for courses in English medium. All other faculties are available in Russian medium only. Jalalabad State Medical University welcomes all eligible and aspiring students from around the world to come and purse MBBS in Jalalabad.