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Jilin Medical University (former Jilin Medical College) was previously known as Air Force School of Medicine . Air Force School of Medicine is enlisted/recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) in 1975. The college later merged with the largest of the military medical schools the Forth Military Medical University of Chinese PLA. The school was renamed at that time as Jilin Military Medical College of the Forth Military Medical University of Chinese PLA. In 2015, it is renamed as Jilin Medical University (JMU). Until July 2004 it was one of the Chinese PLA (Peoples' Liberation Army) Academies. The main purpose of the college was to train medical personnel for the Air Force. It was a military medical college with glorious history and fine tradition. In 2004 after the State Council and Military Commission reorganized the military medical schools the college became part of the national ordinary university system. It is now the only independent comprehensive medical university in Jilin province. There are more than 10,000 full-time undergraduate students in JMU. The college recruits students from all over China and foreign students.

Jilin Medical University (JMU) is located near the Songhua River in the beautiful northeastern Chinese city of Jilin. Jilin City was recently chosen as one of the most beautiful cities in China. The campus of JMU is located in the educational zone in the south river section of Jilin City. The fresh air, beautiful environment, convenient transportation and the strong cultural atmosphere make it a good place for students to study JMU has a large campus with the modern buildings covering more than 360,000 square meters. It has state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The new teaching and research buildings are equipped with academic exchange centers, science halls, language labs, an electronic library reading room and on-line computer classrooms. All classrooms have modern multimedia teaching equipment. The college makes extensive use of multimedia teaching. The newly completed 48,000 square meter Experimental Medicine Center is furnished with advanced equipment and functions, it can accommodate more than 7,000 students at the same time.

JMU has built good exchange relationship with the America, Britain, Australia, South Korea , India ,Philippines, Singapore, and other more than 10 countries.

 Jilin Medical University has a well structured professional faculty with experienced teachers holding doctoral and master degrees. The faculty members have strong sense of enterprise and are well qualified in their fields of teaching, medical service and scientific research. More than 30 percent of the faculty is presently involved in graduate studies. The university has full-time professors, part-time professors, associate professors and other first-class professional persons who number more than 190.

Among the faculty members are 31 postgraduate tutors and 2 who enjoy special allowances from the State Council. 21 faculty members have been honored as outstanding teachers by the nation, military or province.

Jilin Medical University has relatively strong scientific research and academic research ability. The university has successfully completed research on 86 different topics for the state and the military. The university has received 574 Technology Achievement Awards on the national level, 39 National Invention Award and national patents.

Jilin Medical University has also received more than 40 teaching achievement and educational technology achievement awards. The faculty has published more than 6000 articles in periodicals or at meetings on or above the provincial level. The Ministry of Public Health has awarded the university two top prizes for the editing of planned teaching materials. Our university has been identified as the editing unit of the national teaching material committee.