Qingdao Medical University

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China: +8613583844525 (WhatsApp, Viber)

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2nd floor, Opp. civil Hospital,Kalra Colony, New Sohna Road.

General introduction:
Qingdao University is situated in Qingdao, China, the site of the Olympic Sailing Base and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Facing the blue sea and backed by a mountain with beautiful surroundings and an enjoyable pleasant climate, Qingdao University is an ideal place for study and research.

With a long history as a private university founded in 1924, Qingdao University is a prestigious comprehensive university with both teaching and research. Aiming at exploration, innovation, application and knowledge impartment, meeting local education demands and is open to the world. It advocates the scientific spirit of independent thinking and seeking truth with the goal to cultivate talented people with multiple abilities, the sense of responsibility and a noble personality. The university is characterized by the interaction in disciplines between liberal arts and science for its course design. The teaching and research are actively conducted in a comprehensive manner. Qingdao University has developed into a dynamic higher learning institution with world-oriented education. At present, it has 23 colleges and a total enrollment of more than 37,000 with faculty made up of over 2,000 professors and lecturers. QU offers ten categories of disciplines including liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Business, Economy, Management, Education and Law, etc. QU has established world-wide exchange and cooperation relations with more than 140 universities and institutions. It keeps advocating multiculturalism and integrating global education content into its courses. QU actively implements various forms of educational and academic cooperation in international exchanges of teachers and students. This has offered opportunities for students and faculty to learn different languages, cultures and to broaden their global visions. Qingdao University welcomes friends and students from all over the world to come to our university for visits, study and work.
Application material:
1.    Photocopy of valid passport.
2.    Passport size photo.
3.    High school academic transcript.
4.    High school graduate certificate.
5.    Extra  curricular  certificates.
6.    Letter of guarantee.
7.    Acknowledged contract form.

Admission Requirements:
  1. Completed 17 years of age and Completed 10+2 years of education;
  2. "A" & "O" levels or Intermediate of Science or equivalent with English;
  3. Biology, Physics and Chemistry as main subjects and applicants must have passed in all    the subjects mentioned above securing not less than 60%.
Duration of MBBS Program:
The programs lasts six years. The first year comprises of compulsory Chinese language & medical subjects , followed by four years of pre-Clinical studies and medical electives. The last year (6th) is for internship, which student can choose to do in China or any other Country of their choice.