Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Applicant and guardians should read and understand terms and conditions. If they need any clarity, they should discuss with GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES before filling up and submitting the registration form.

2.Applicant and their guardians should be aware that eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS for Indian students is 50% in PCB (40% for SC/ST/OBC),pass in English and overall pass in class 12th Board exam as prescribed by the Medical Council Of India(MCI).Applicant should satisfy themselves that they meet the MCI eligibility criteria and changes in such criteria by MCI is automatically binding on Applicants.

3.Applicant will submit original documents for verification /processing when called on to do so.

4.Applicant will make his own agreement for issue of passport in time in order to travel overseas.

5.Fee & Refund : The entire processing fee is collected in three occasions.

a) Initial Registration fee is Rs. 35,000…/- is payable with this form.

b) JW202 FEE/ RED RIBBON/INVITATION LETTER FEE..75,000./- at the time of collecting all original documents.

c) Global Education Services will collect the final payment of entire processing fee as per university one week before departure.

NOTE: Registration fee payable is non refundable for the services of any country (It includes all expenses incurred at Pre and post admission stages for every student under several).

d) Global Education Services is not liable to refund of any fee/charges or amount paid by applicant /guardians if they fail to attend the visa interview or submit documents for processing students application /visa to the concerned Embassy /consulate or the VFS or any other authorities.

e)  Global Education Services is not liable to refund in case the applicant /guardians drop his/her admission process for what so ever reasons once processing of his /her application is taken up.

f) Global Education Services is not liable to refund of any fee or part of fee if applicant/guardians opts for admission to different courses/ countries or if the client opts for visa under any other category after his/her registration , on his /her own or through any other agency.

g) Global Education Services is not liable to refund in case if the visa is rejected for following reasons:

i. Failure in medical test by the applicant / or his/her family members includes in the application

ii. Failure to provide a genuine police clearance certificate which is not less than 3 month old.

iii. Failure to prove sufficient funds for settlement by the client /applicant his/her family member includes in the application.

iv. Submission of fraudulent documents.

v.  Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the applicant or any of his/her family   member includes  in the application.

6. Applicant or guardian will pay fee s payable in India by DEMAND DRAFT only payable to “GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES” and payable at PALWAL no cash or cheque is to be given to any other name or any other counselor. No claim will be entertained by Global Education Services for any payment other than as prescribed above. Fees to the university is payable overseas.

7. Students are admitted on the conditions they will be governed by the rules and regulation of the university, The country and agreements between the university and its associates Global Education Services and the applicant.

8. Admission, Visa Responsibilities, Costs and Claims: No claims will be entertained by Global Education Services or its associates from any applicant or their guardians for cost of application, non attendance to university or losing year or education etc. Global Education Services is responsible for admission in the university and documentation guidance only. Obtaining passport on time, visa clearance, passing visa interview , getting MCI certificate of eligibility , passing passport control etc. are the responsibility of the applicant. Any delays due to above mentioned or travel delay, ticketing/flight delay. acts of god or nature or war or change on Government Policy are not the responsibility or liability of Global Education Services.

9. GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES does NOT guarantee to the applicant, the completion of the course in the university. This depends in the policies of the Institution and the performance of the applicant in class and in examination.

10. Costs of the course, visa fees, processing fee etc. Are subjected to change without prior notice.

11. Annual fees are to be paid to the university before due dates. Application should find out the date and deposit dues in time else they can be denied admission or deported.

12. For matters not specifically / mentioned here, the decision of Global Education Services will be final and binding upon the applicant and their parents /legal guardians.

13. No refund will be done under any circumstances what so ever.

14. All disputes are subjected to PALWAL jurisdiction only.

15. Termination of services;

Ø  Global Education Services reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time termination includes Cancelling your registration with or ability to have full or partial access to this website and or any other service provide to you by us.

Ø   Global Education Services reserve the right to terminate this agreement of any reason including any improper use of this website the provision of false or misleading information or your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.